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The World Safety and International Cooperation and Assistance Organization establishes its presence worldwide through the work of its member organizations coordinated, supervised and lead by WSICAO's Advisory Commissions, Executive Units, Project Coordination Offices and Advisory Boards. As a hub for consolidating the resources of diverse institutes and organizations, WSICAO operates within the frame of those member organizations and their joint missions, without independent projects. Its work through all its member organizations allows that aid and assistance can be carried efficiently to all corners of the world.

We have only one world

International Assistance must be an endeavour of all. Disasters of large magnitude strike without warning, leaving complete regions in a state of chaos and with limited capabilities to respond to the crisis from one hour to the next. A coordinated aid effort from neighbouring areas and countries as well as from competent organizations, will be the most important source of help and survival for the first days or weeks. It is in those first days that the number of victims is the largest and when all the help will mean a large difference in the final count.

Disasters, armed conflicts and depletion of resources lead to hunger, epidemic health hazards and the inability to cover basic survival needs for large quantities of people in places or at moments when and where local assistance channels are overloaded or no longer able to respond. International humanitarian relief operations in a rapid and sustained manner may be the difference between life and death.

International assistance doesn't end with relief or emergency aid. After a calamity or the devastation of an area, reconstruction can only be accomplished with aid and other assistance from international sources. There are also areas that even if never under a calamity or devastation, have never been able to develop or are struggling to do so, development aid from international sources can make there the big difference.

In Brief

  • International Assistance must be an endeavour of all

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