The WSICAO fundamentals

The World Safety and International Cooperation and Assistance Organization is an international membership organization. It is an international association of organizations and institutes dedicated to world service in the areas of disaster mitigation and response, humanitarian relief, reconstruction and development assistance as well as public safety, the protection of lives and ancillary operations.

WSICAO established its Charter through the Act signed on November 15, 2011 in Brussels, Belgium and was given legal personality by the Royal Decree WL 22/16.092 of King Albert II of Belgium under the proposal of the Belgian Ministry of Justice on November 26, 2011. The BCE/KBO registered the organization under the number 0841.638.613.

Membership in the World Safety and International Cooperation and Assistance Organization is regulated by its General Assembly. The institutes and organizations members of WSICAO must fulfil some pre-requisites:

  • To have international scope
  • To have a minimum of 2 years experience
  • To have a need for WSICAO's assistance
  • To contribute specialized resources
  • To be accepted by the General Assembly
  • To undergo a trial period of 3 years
  • Further to the above, new requests for membership must be introduced by one of WSICAO's permanent members. Applicant member organizations must be able to present a viable and realistic strategic plan for achieving their goals and must show a clear need for sharing WSICAO's resources beyond mere budget benefit.

    It is a requisite for all member organizations to not have economic gain or profitable activities of any kind which directly or indirectly derive from their public and humanitarian service, including linked agreements for investment or contracts for third parties. No political, religious, cultural or ethnic distinction or purpose must exist in a member organization's actions.

    Member organizations must maintain at all times high moral and ethical standards in all humanitarian or other operations and must allow administrative, legal or operational audits from WSICAO at any time. The General Assembly may decide to revoke membership in specific cases when the requisites and obligations of membership are not observed.

    The WSICAO's system

    The system of work at the World Safety and International Cooperation and Assistance Organization is based on the integration of personnel from the member organizations into Advisory Commissions, Operational Units, Project Coordination Offices and Advisory Boards. These work-groups are under the control and coordination of the offices of the Adjunct Director for Administration and Logistics Oversight and of the Adjunct Director for Planning, Coordination and Compliance, both responding directly to the General Assembly.

    All member organizations have a representative at the General Assembly. This governing body is presided by an elected Council. The member organizations maintain a fluent and permanent link with the WSICAO's system through Liaison Offices. Some of the principal offices or services at the WSICAO's system are:

  • International Disaster Response Advisory Board
  • World Health Advisory Board
  • Development Advisory Board
  • World Humanitarian Operations Security Advisory Board
  • Project Coordination Office for the Mutual Assistance Plan
  • Project Coordination Office for Data Retrieval
  • Unit for Networking, Cooperation and Diplomacy
  • Unit for Operations and Projects
  • Unit for Extreme Disasters Response
  • Unit for Audit, Control and Oversight
  • Unit for the Advancement of Specialized Technologies
  • Unit for the Advancement of Specialized Systems
  • All the Offices and Services are organized internally in Assignment Groups and Sections.

    Thanks to the work of all members in the work system of the World Safety and International Cooperation and Assistance Organization, member organizations can benefit from the organization's resources at all levels, enhancing their own work and carrying safety and hope worldwide.

    In Brief

    • WSICAO empowers its member organizations to carry safety, help and hope worldwide

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