We make liaisons matter !


WSICAO is a hub for the coordination and consolidation of strategic resources for diverse safety, humanitarian and development aid institutes and organizations of international scope. Interlinked strategies and joint support of resources are also planned and developed for the deployment of joint missions and programs on one or more of the following:

  • Protection of Lives
  • Public Safety
  • Early Detection of Disaster Threats
  • Relief to the Internally Displaced
  • Reconstruction and Development Aid
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Disaster Response
  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Crisis Management
  • Disaster Mitigation
  • Our purpose

    WSICAO was created by and for diverse institutes and organizations looking for sharing resources as well as to exchange  information and coordinate strategies. The organization allows to consolidate and share or exchange specialized personnel as well as expertise and other resources placing each organization's strength in a common pool to be equally shared by all member organizations for better efficiency and enhanced results.

    Resources shared at diverse levels

    It is up to each member organization to decide which of their resources will contribute to the common hub. It is also each member's decision to contribute (or use) shared resources from time to time or to fully participate and contribute (or use) specific shared resources all the time. Some of the resources available to use for member organizations on a permanent or temporary basis are:

  • Specialized Professionals
  • Technical personnel
  • Advisory Commissions
  • Projects and Operations Databases
  • Internal publications
  • Media Publication
  • Conference centres
  • Assessment Units
  • Public Relations Coordination
  • Media Relations Coordination
  • Recruitment Units
  • Operational Joint Units
  • Technical Resources
  • Technologies and Systems
  • Administrative Services
  • Audit Services
  • Legal Units
  • Maintenance Services
  • Translation Services
  • Local services
  • Communication Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • WSICAO empowers its member organizations, day after day, allowing them to dedicate to what is most important for them, while being able to access all auxiliary and support services as well as specialized resources. This results in lower operational costs and reduces also the quantity of dedicated personnel of their own that the member organizations need to deploy, avoiding unnecessary redundancies on the field.

    In Brief

    • WSICAO is a joint hub of specialized resources in use by organizations dedicated to the protection of lives worldwide
    Together Helping the World

    Versatility in Action

    When it is all about lives, efficiency and versatility are the critical factors. The number of lives saved is directly related to these two components. This is specially true during First Response to situations where large number of lives are in peril.

    Efficiency is not only dictated by good preparation, good training and capable personnel. If that personnel has no access to suitable and specialized resources, results will be less than good. In situations to which diverse organizations or agencies respond simultaneously, exists sometimes overlapping and very often redundancy of some resources while a lack of others may become evident.

    The access to a hub of specialized resources and joint units already prepared to work in perfect symbiosis provides the versatility and efficiency so needed in situations involving the protection of lives, avoiding redundancies and making use of a vast pool of resources contributed by multiple organizations to the joint effort.

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